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The furniture designed by the company KRABI d.o.o. and adjusted to the customers’ wishes can be also produced in our own production facilities.

We design and manufacture furniture ourselves, fully tailored to customers' needs, in our own premises.

Following the preparation of preliminary projects and approved plans together with our customers, we:

  • schedule the beginning of furniture construction,
  • determine the delivery deadline and
  • start the production
  • or, customers can arrange with their own manufacturers for further manufacturing, in this case we only provide our technical documentation.

We always keep to deadlines and financial frameworks. Furniture made for customers is also delivered and assembled.

Sometimes, some structures need to be set again some time after installation, which is of course also in our services. We are also available when life circumstances change, new wishes and the need to adapt the furniture arise. We are very interested to hear about your general satisfaction with our products and our work, so we always welcome your response.