Company principles

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Krabi is top quality.

We design our furniture by ourselves, in cooperation with architects and project designers, therefore it is completely designed and perfectly adapted to space, purpose and customers' expectations. It is produced by us, using quality materials with a special sense of aesthetics and functionality. We are particularly proud of the exceptional finishing of individual pieces that will thrill customers every time. That's one of the reasons why our furniture withstands the test of time and fashion trends.

Krabi is flexible.

We believe that space should adapt to humans and in this respect we set up each of our projects. We design a concept according to customers' wishes, needs and lifestyle, considering the premises' layout and size, their purpose, limitations, lighting and other factors. Furniture and final interior reflect the style customers want to express, but always in the service of functionality. All of this is achieved with a professional team and our own furniture production.

Krabi is reliable.

We always keep to agreed deadlines and financial frameworks. For projects in which we participate with other contractors coordinating them, we ensure that all work is done by the deadline and with no unforeseen costs. In this way we save stress, time and money for our customers. They can absolutely rely on Krabi.

Krabi is a comprehensive service.

We have developed exclusive Krabi services, where everything is taken from concept design to final arrangement of space. Invite us to visit the spaces you want to renew, trust us with your wishes and then let our experts take care of it. We design and plot the concept, take over all communication and co-ordination of other contractors, manufacture, deliver and install furniture and we finally finish it with fine interior for a perfect look. In doing so, we are accurate and precise, the result exceeds your expectations.